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Regina Sewell offers personalized life coaching as well as workshops

Upcoming Workshops:

Unlock the Secret to Your Financial Well-Beling. 

Co-led by Jenn Salimbene

Winter 2014.  Date to be announced.

This workshop helps participants explore the cultural, familial and personal messages that have kept them stuck and create new perspectives on work and money that will help them get out of the money/work trap they've fallen into. 

Unwinding Codependency

Co-led with Jenn Salimbene.

Spring 2014

Codependency causes us to lose ourselves.  We focus our attention on someone else’s needs and ignore our own.  We enable other people to engage in addictive and hurtful behavior. 

Unwinding Codependency is designed to help participants and clients explore these patterns in their own lives.  This workshop explores codependency in action to help participants identify the underlying experiences and beliefs that drive their behavior and to find new ways to be in relationship with others. 

Future Workshops  Date to be announced:

Through the Looking Glass:  Accepting the Body You Have

  • When you look in the mirror, do you focus your attention on the parts of your body that you wish you could change? 
  • Are you ashamed of what you look like without the protective layer of clothes?
  • Are you afraid you’d morph into something hideous if you quit your intense diet and workout routines?
  • Would you like to feel better about your body as it is right now? 
  • Would you like to be less concerned about how you think others see your body?

Join us as we explore the roots of our perceptions about our bodies and experience what it might feel like to see our bodies differently.

Switching off the Autopilot and Reclaiming the Driver’s Seat:
A Workshop on Getting Unstuck

Have you made a resolution to do differently and live differently beginning in the New Year but find that you are stuck in a pattern that is difficult to break?  Do you find that circumstances (fear, family, work, lack of vision for yourself……) are holding you back from making positive changes in your life?

If so, this workshop will help you gain:

  • A better understanding of the place/places in your life where you feel stuck
  • Insight into the ways that being stuck serve you
  • Clarity about the habits, beliefs, and external realities that make it difficult for you to change
  • Momentum to move towards getting unstuck

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