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Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute - Core 2005

Original Moreno Stage at Boughton Place

Developed by Jacob L. Moreno, MD., psychodrama allows people to work through their problems and issues in action.  By bringing issues into the "here and now," participants not only have a chance to express feelings they've stuffed down, develop insight about themselves, their relationships, and practice new responses to challenging or unsatisfying situations.  Psychodrama also helps people access the spontaneity they need to respond to life in creative, more successful and satisfying ways. 

By putting issues and problems into action and providing a space to experience alternative responses, psychodrama can "rewire" the brain.  In contrast to "talking about" issues and problems, psychodrama brings them to life.  Participants have a chance to explore the stories (the social, familial and personal rules and beliefs) that keep them from using more effective strategies and experiment with new beliefs and ways of reacting.  Participants also develop empathy because they get the chance to reverse roles with others and experience the world through each other's eyes.

This video of Zerka Moreno gives a brief example of psychodrama in action.

This video features Jean Campell directing a short psychodrama on Ted Talks


Sociometry is a method for studying social relationships within groups (such as family, social, work or school, therapy/personal growth and community). Sociometric exercises help:     

  • Group members become aware of the connections and/or lack of connections between members in a group 
  • Group members explore the choices they make about who to interact with and who to avoid or exclude. 
  • Group members become aware of the impact their choices have on each other and on the group as a whole. 
  • Reveal the roles various group members yearn for and the roles members get stuck in.  This information helps group members integrate the group isolates and reduce the role demand (and thus likelihood of burnout) experienced by the over chosen.
  • Repair and restore group members’ social circles so that they can be sources of support, comfort and connection. 

Sociodrama is the technique J.L. Moreno, MD. developed to explore conflicts and issues ingrained in social roles.  Whereas psychodrama enables a specific individual to addresses their particular issues or problems, sociodrama addresses the problems and issues  of the group.  By putting agreed upon social situations into action, group members get a chance to express their thoughts and feelings, gain deeper understanding of their values and practice new ways of dealing with problems.  


 "Any truly therapeutic procedure can have for its object no less than the whole of humankind."  J. L. Moreno

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