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Unleash your potential

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Coaching and Counseling


Find Your Passion.  Step Into Possibility.  Access Your Spontaneity.  Unleash Your Potential.  Expand Your Creativity.  Live Your Dreams.

As a coach, I will help you rewrite the stories that keep you stuck.  I provide a safe space, free from judgment and the tyranny of "what will people think?" so that you can identify the experiences and expectations that created those stories.  I will give you tools to heal the past and teach you how to identify and reframe the beliefs that don't serve you.  I will help you tap into your inner resources so that you can create the life you desire. 

I will help you find the easefulness you need to turn your obstacles into opportunities.  I will help you connect to your spontanaity so that you can respond to life's challenges with creativity and find the joy in being you. 

I use action methods, visualization and other mind-body techniques as well as
EnergyWork to help my clients heal at a deep level so that they can change.

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Find Your Inner Strength

I am licensed as a mental health counselor New York and Ohio. I creates a supportive space that allows clients to explore and heal from the issues that keep them from living fulfilling, rewarding lives.

I work with adolescents, adults, couples, families, and groups. I have experience working with people struggling with a variety of issues including sexual abuse, intimate abuse, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, eating disorders, addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, anxiety, depression, grief, job displacement, career dissatisfaction and the stigma of being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. 

My Approach

I use action methods like Playback theater, Sociodrama and Psychodrama to help clients work with issues in the "here and now" rather than just talking about them. I also help clients explore the choices they make about the roles they play in their various relationships and connect these choices to their earlier experiences and the stories they tell themselves. This insight helps clients make choices about which roles they'd like to keep as they are, which roles they'd like to modify, and which roles they'd like to leave behind. It also helps them find balance and wholeness in their lives.

Action methods work well because they help people connect to their bodies as well as their minds.   From a neurobiological perspective, actions methods help people connect the emotions and feelings that are seated in the limbic brain to the rational and logical thoughts that are seated in the cerebral cortex. In other words, action methods help clients explore, release and make sense of their emotions and provide the opportunity to practice doing things differently. As such, action methods facilitate integration on cognitive, affective and behavioral levels.


Please thank Regina again for me. I have been re-playing in my head the insights i gained during our brief 'session' and it's starting to open up a lot of doors in my mind (good ones). I have also been reading some of the articles on her website and they are very helpful and well-written!

I want to take a moment to thank Regina Sewell.  We covered many areas in our sessions, and I had many things that I had to really LOOK AT. She helped me find my inner strength on so many levels, I learned how to stand up for myself and set boundaries.  I also have moved back and am living 2 miles from my daughter and see her almost every day. I am so grateful for all your wisdom and loving support on so many levels.  I can Honestly say that I now have a healthier relationship with several people in my life because of your help.  So Thank You again for being there for people like me. Your Services will never be forgotten as well as the lessons I had to learn you helped me so much!
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