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For quick self-help articles or to see what we're doing at Visions Counseling, check out our blog:  Turn Roadblocks into Building Blocks.

For fun, quirky recipes and stories about life in the kitchen, check out
Possum Crossing:  Culinary Adventures.

If someone you love has Alzheimer's or dementia, read my blog
Peering Into Fog about making sense of my mother's Alzheimer's disease.


Current Insight Out articles can be found on Outlook

Selected archived articles can be found below.  Click on the title to read the articles of interest.  I'll be changing things around so check back for different articles and themes!


Love is a Verb
Simple actions you can take to improve your relationship

The Power of Hope
A guide to get your relationship through the tough times

Lost that Lovin' Feeling?  Try Gratitude
Instructions for getting the glow back into your relationship

*Gender Issues*

Drag Liberation

Liberate your mind and your heart will follow    

Glamour Girls, Pretty Boys and the Quest for the Perfect Body   
A look at our national obsession with body image as it affects men and women. 

Parts and Pieces:  Reconstructing Gender 
What trans teach us about gender

*Social Justice Issues* 

A Note From Mother
What Mother Earth might say if she could speak

Diffusing the Power of Words
Self Defense from the inside out

*Existential and Spiritual Explorations*

Got Gratitude
Not only does gratitude make us healthier and happier, it improves relationships and job performance. 

Too Sexy for that Grudge
Grudges make you sick, fat and lonely.  Forgiveness makes you healthy and happy. Isn't it time to give forgiveness a chance?


A guide to mindful eating

When the Elephant Poops
Subtle and not so subtle signs that someone you love has a drug or alcohol problem and basic things you can do to help them and yourself

High Stakes:  The Dark Side of Gambling
A brief look at gambling addiction

*Physical and Sexual Abuse*

How to manage panic attacks and flashbacks

Changing Tapes
A tool box for unhooking ourselves from the emotional triggers that send us into a spin.

*Financial Issues*

Follow the Money
A rough guide to managing your budget in tough financial times

*General Self Help*

Magic Shop
A guide to making changes in your life

Getting Unstuck
How to get unstuck

How to be Happy and Gay
From the Science of Happiness:  A guide to accentuating the positive

Live Juicy
The key to a juicy life


Dreaming of summer

Zen and the Art of Surfing
A guide to North Carolina's Outerbanks

Something to BRAG about
Notes from my Bike Ride Across Georgia

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